Sunday, April 28, 2013

A compendium of local UFO sightings from an area writer


Mount Shasta resident Brian Wallenstein is not neutral about weird things. He was interviewed early last year by Lee Romney of the Los Angeles Times, who wrote that in 1987 Wallenstein "saw a family of Yeti emerge from an abandoned cabin on the mountain. He says a reversal of gravity on one grade often pulls his Subaru uphill. As for spacecraft, he's 'watched UFOs … head into the mountain.'" Living near Mt. Shasta, that mystical place, it's no surprise that Wallenstein would collect accounts of strange events from residents who witnessed them.

"Mount Shasta Sightings: A Local and Regional Chronology of UFO Sightings and More" ($29.99 in paperback from Universal Template) checks in at more than 600 pages. The bulk of the book compiles hundreds of sightings, many from the Chico area (such as witness to a "dark triangle shaped UFO" over Chico on May 25, 1996).

Introductory materials offer a brief history of some of the groups, ancient and modern, that have found the mountain a place of spiritual energy. As for human origins, Wallenstein asks, "why is it incomprehensible to consider, we have been genetically accelerated, when there is possible evidence to that effect?"

Humans, he writes, "are a synthesis of several Off-World races." But "with the blanket of secrecy our own shadow government has over disclosure," it is hard to make sense of the data. UFO and even Bigfoot sightings may be the evidence that we are "being groomed by what ever it is in this universe, to be civilization builders." Frankly, "it's obvious that the presence of Off-Worlders is in our midst."

But the government, he says, is hiding information, even putting out what seem like silly stories to discredit what may have more than a hint of the truth. Wallenstein writes that he was contacted by to pass along information from someone at the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), to the effect that as a young boy President Obama "participated in a Space Camp in 1980, at the College of the Siskiyous preparing him for a journey he allegedly took to Mars from 'The Jump Room' located at a Hughes Aircraft facility in El Segundo...."

It is a worldview only the intrepid may wish to explore.

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